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SV650 Bodywork

This page is designed to document race bodywork available for a SV650.

Race Bodywork

Sharkskinz makes the bodywork that has the highest regard from racers for both good fit and durability. Upper, lower and tail are $794. $103 for the fender (use stock and save money). $113 for the first generation bracket kit. Make the brackets yourself. This cost me $5 and 10 minutes and I’m a lousy mechanic.
If you use the Sharkskinz on the 1st generation (99-02) SVs, there is only one windscreen which will fit — it’s a special part from Zero Gravity. 17-156 is standard windscreen, 17-156-DB-01 is the double bubble screen. You can buy it from Sharkskinz for $85 or any other ZG dealer for $75.
If you are Superstock and need to use the stock tail you will need to dremel away about an inch of the bottom border (out of sight) before it will fit. It’s easy to do, but if you need help bug me and I’ll post a picture.

Armour Bodies sells widely regarded 1st and 2nd Generation bodywork kits themselves. ($850)
HotBodies provides cheap bodywork sets ($589), but they are both based on the GSXR so very wide. Lots of complaints about fit and they are known to crash badly. They have both 1st Generation and 2nd Generation sets.
Cheetah provide cheap bodywork sets ($799) and even less if you buy them off Ebay, but they are known to crash badly. So you’re likely to repurchase the Cheetah bodywork more often.
No Reports on Quality for These
There are a number of other race bodywork kits, but they are generally GSXR bodywork and are thus quite a bit wider.
SquidSkins $675 Canadian but doesn’t mention year.

Rest in Peace

E-Race used to provide the cheapest 2nd-gen bodywork sets ($325) but they were very wide and would scrape the sides in turns.
Morse Racing/GP Composites used to provide good-quality bodywork but they are now out of business.
There used to be both Multi-Tech and Godfather skins. Both had numerous complains online about fit and inconsistent quality. Both are out of business now – Multi-Tech due to a fire, and Godfather by collections.

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